Sick Day

“Mom, I don't feel so good,” said my Little Monkey, just seconds before he started to throw up on the floor. He looked up at me apologetically, and I think if I hadn't stopped him, he would have started cleaning up. But I could tell he wasn't done, so I whisked him into the bathroom.

While my poor little guy retched, I rubbed his back and smoothed his hair, trying my best to comfort him. In between heaves, he said, “I love you, Mom!” I don't think he has ever meant it more.

In bed with the flu
When he finished, I cleaned him up and made a bed for him on the couch in front of the TV. I rubbed some DigestZen essential oil blend on his stomach, then rubbed some OnGuard blend on his feet. He had a bit of a fever, so I took a cool wet washcloth and added a drop of lavender oil. It seemed to soothe him.

I have spent many, many nights tending one child after another as the stomach flu swept through our family. This time, I planned on nipping it in the bud. I ordered everyone in the house to use the OnGuard, too, and I had it running in the diffuser. I returned to give my son a couple more treatments. By dinner, he felt well enough for a little chicken soup.

I kept him home from school the next day, which annoyed him, because it messed up his perfect attendance. He was back to normal within twenty-four hours – and no one else in the family got sick!

I think that's what I love most about having essential oils in the house. Sure, we still get sick from time to time, but with early intervention, it is short-lived and never very severe. It sure makes being a mom a little bit easier.