Time for Thyme

Oil of the Month!

I love discovering new essential oils, so I'm always exciting when something I haven't yet tried goes on sale.  This month, Thyme essential oil is 10% off (July 2012).  

Thyme Essential Oil

Some of the benefits of thyme are:

*  Thyme combats infection and improves immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells.
*  Thyme reduces the inflammation and irritation of skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis, as well as eczema and other types of dermatitis.
*  It can accelerate the healing of bruises, burns, cuts, sores, and wounds.
*  Thyme oil stimulates menstrual flow, it increases circulation and can elevate low blood pressure.
*  It can relieve the pain of arthritis, sore muscles, sprains and injuries and it can ease the pain of headaches, including migraines.
*  Thyme oil also helps fight candida such as yeast infections, athlete’s foot and jock itch.
*  Thyme oil is stimulating, although when used in a bath, it helps overcome insomnia.

Emotionally, Thyme oil can be effective with poor self-confidence, apathy, and fear. Thyme can strengthen your nerves when you are experiencing emotional fatigue. It eases nervousness, stress, and some stress-related complaints. It can reduce the severity or frequency of anxiety attacks. It enhances memory and increases concentration. Whether demoralized, apprehensive, or alienated reach for Thyme’s warm and virile strength.
Thyme is, of course, great to use in cooking.  Simply substitute a drop or two for the seasonings called for in your recipes.  Cooking with essential oils enhances the aroma and flavor of your foods.

 Caution: Avoid during pregnancy, and always dilute for small children and sensitive skin (1:5).  Use with caution if high blood pressure is diagnosed.  Like Oregano, Thyme is a very hot oil.