The Problem with Pink Eye

“Mom. I think I have pink eye.”

I pried my eyes open to see my Little Thinker standing next to my bed. I inspected his face. Red, goopy eyelid – symptoms universally recognized. Yep, he had pink eye.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is usually more of a nuisance than an actual health concern, but it is highly contagious. So, coming down with a case means a free vacation from school.

I sent him into the bathroom to dab a little lavender and melaleuca around his eye. Then, he ate breakfast and settled in for a video game marathon.

I interrupted his play at lunch time.

“I think it's gone already, Mom.”

Once again, I inspected his face. His eyes were clear. I couldn't even tell which one had been a problem. We put the oils on a couple more times, to be sure.

I checked one more time before bed. Everything was just fine.

“Maybe I should stay home one more day, just in case,” my Little Thinker said hopefully.

Nice try, sweetie. Nice try.


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So, without further ado, here is the dirt on me:

1.  My first car was a semi-classic, 1970 Ford Mustang with a 351 Cleveland engine.  It was very fast.  What were my parents thinking?
2.  I love watching What Not to Wear.  That show has transformed my wardrobe from frumpy mommy to hey, you look pretty good for __________.  (Fill in the blank -- your age, having six kids, etc.)
3.  My favorite musician is Joseph Arthur.
4.  My grandmother taught me how to body surf.
5.  I enjoy cooking ... but only if I don't have to.
6.  I've written a novel.  It remains unedited, in a box under my bed.  I'm working on my second novel, which I hope to make into a series.  Look for it in stores near you sometime around 2017.
7.  I have a bachelor's degree in Zoology.  And come to think of it, it is kind of a zoo around here.

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Oil of the Month!

The oil of the month (drum roll, please) is...


Cassia (cinnamomum cassia) may seem like an unusual essential oil, but you are probably more familiar with it than you think. Cassia is from the cinnamon family and is very similar to cinnamon essential oil.

Cassia oil is a great mood lifter. You've probably noticed this anytime you've been baking cinnamon rolls. Adding a drop of cassia essential oil to a citrus oil like wild orange is a wonderful pick me up.

Cassia essential oil is anti-viral and anti-microbial. It is great for fighting colds and the flu. Add a drop to your favorite tea to help kick your illness faster. Because it fights the illnesses that cause fever, it is also a good fever reducer.

Cassia is a warming oil, which is wonderful leading into winter. Rub a drop between your palms or add a drop to warm tea or water. It is also beneficial for circulation. Perhaps that is why it helps loss of libido and sexual disorders such as frigidity and impotence. You could add a small amount to your favorite massage oil for a warming and sensual sensation. Cassia oil is also helpful for rheumatism and arthritis.

Cassia essential oil is very good for digestive issues, especially diarrhea. Because it is microbial, it curbs the growth of microorganisms in the digestive tract which protects against diarrhea and dysentery. It is carminitive, which means it gives relief from gas forming in the intestines and stops further formation of gas.

Cassia essential oil is also beneficial for menstrual cramps, helps stop hemorrhaging by contracting the blood vessels, strengthens gums and hair roots, tightens muscles and lifts skin.

Use caution with cassia essential oil, as it can produce irritation and sensitization in skin. It is not recommended during pregnancy or while nursing.

Cassia essential oil is on sale now, 10% off during the month of October, 2011. Click here to order. You may also e-mail me for a free sample.