The Problem with Pink Eye

“Mom. I think I have pink eye.”

I pried my eyes open to see my Little Thinker standing next to my bed. I inspected his face. Red, goopy eyelid – symptoms universally recognized. Yep, he had pink eye.

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is usually more of a nuisance than an actual health concern, but it is highly contagious. So, coming down with a case means a free vacation from school.

I sent him into the bathroom to dab a little lavender and melaleuca around his eye. Then, he ate breakfast and settled in for a video game marathon.

I interrupted his play at lunch time.

“I think it's gone already, Mom.”

Once again, I inspected his face. His eyes were clear. I couldn't even tell which one had been a problem. We put the oils on a couple more times, to be sure.

I checked one more time before bed. Everything was just fine.

“Maybe I should stay home one more day, just in case,” my Little Thinker said hopefully.

Nice try, sweetie. Nice try.


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Lady Couponer said...

Just stopping by to say hi.That was so funny when your son said that maybe he should stay at home another
Feel free to visit my blogs

MomEO said...

Thank you, and I'll be happy to come by and check out your blogs! I could use a little less clutter in my life. :)