Kicking Colds and Flu

Kicking Colds and Flu
With the holidays upon us, no one wants to be left out of the fun because of a cold or flu.  Luckily, there are many things that we can do to protect ourselves during this season.

Exercise.  Many of us get so busy during the holidays that our exercise routines suffer.  But people who exercise for at least 20 minutes five days a week suffer from half as many colds as those who get moving just one or two days a week.  Even if you don't get formal exercise in, remember any movement is good -- including fast walking with your arms loaded with shopping bags or cleaning your house before guests arrive.

Don't be touchy.  Be conscious of how often you touch your face and try to stop doing it.  Flu germs enter the body through the nose, mouth, and eyes, so even a quick rub of the eyes can cause a week of the sniffles.

Less sweets.  With all the holiday goodies around, this may be a tough one, but a diet low in refined sugar strengthens the immune system.  When baking yourself, opt for natural sweeteners such as stevia.

Get your rest.  Skimp on sleep and you are three times more likely to catch a cold.  Aim for at least seven hours a night.  If you find yourself with an unavoidable late night or two, try catching up on the weekends.

Wash, wash, wash!  The single most important preventative measure you can take to stave off colds and flu is to wash your hands often.  Skip the hot water and lather up with lukewarm.  It works just as well for killing bacteria and won't dry your skin, which can cause skin to crack and leave you more susceptible to infections.

Try this:  Make your own foaming anti-bacterial hand wash.  Purchase or reuse a plastic foamer bottle (I bought mine at  Add about a teaspoon of dish washing liquid or regular hand soap.  Add five drops of OnGuard blend essential oil.  Fill with water.  Shake to mix.  Enjoy the fresh scent and feel confident you are doing what you can to protect yourself and your family from germs.


momto8 said...

Great information! I am a new follow and look forward to reading more of your posts.

Rebecca said...

Less sweets??? LOL. Just kidding. I've been fighting a cold for a while now so thanks for the tips. I am returning your visit to Learning to Limit. I'm you newest follower and I'll try to add you on Facebook and Twitter. (Neither one is wanting to work for me right now.)

MomEO said...

Thanks, and welcome! And Rebecca -- good thing there are more suggestions on the list, right? ;)